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Heartland Fire and Security services, maintains, and inspects all types of fire, security, IP cameras, and access control systems. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection programs to ensure your system will be working to its fullest potential. Our personnel are factory-trained and NBFAA certified to service fire alarms, suppression systems, and security systems.

We provide around-the-clock central station monitoring that gets your security and fire alarm system activation signals to a central station within seconds for fast, 24/7 response to emergencies requiring police and/or fire assistance. You receive fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, no matter the conditions. Central station monitoring can also help you comply with regulations set forth by NFPA as well as other applicable codes and standards, including local AHJ’s.

We can help ensure that your company meets all NFPA, state, and local code requirements.

Inspection and Monitoring
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